just so we're clear, i think i should tell you that i'm a little {ok, a lot} obsessed with designer chairs. my poor husband, though he is fairly tolerant of this little problem.
i am in need of a new chair for my workspace. the last one i bought didn't fit properly, the arms
wouldn't quite slide under the drawer at my desk, so it's back to the drawing board. i can't say i'm too upset about it though, i've always wanted a ghost chair in my room, so that's where it will go.

so i fell for this chair a while back. i love the simplicity of the design, i think the bright colours are super fun -- why must design be serious? i think i'm leaning towards the turquoise, it would be awesome in my workspace. it's also deceivingly comfortable, the perfect firm-postured chair to sew in.
this little number is the RU chair, by Hay designer Shane Schneck. i think i need to visit copenhagen just so that i can go to the Hay shop, the designs are right up my alley. i found the RU locally at Only Human in victoria, a fab little shop that i adore.

images via Hay

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