block love

one of my oldest friends welcomed her second baby, a girl, on christmas eve. i finally had the chance to finish her baby gift yesterday, a set of soft blocks. i enjoy making these, they are a fun project and [i think] a nice gift. babies seem to love them, and they're pretty to look at!

here is my pile of fabric waiting to be cut. i just love the way fabrics look all stacked up and ready to be used. so fresh and pressed and pretty. that erin mcmorris bird print in the ivory colourway is probably one of my favourite fabrics ever. swoon worthy.

i had fun mixing up lots of different fabrics for these blocks. i do like pairing prints from within one collection, but for me, the fun part is finding pieces from different collections + designers, and coming up with my own combinations. with all the amazing fabrics out there, it's always a pleasure.

opposite sides of the blocks. lots of little ribbons to touch + inspect. i think it's so cute how wee babies are drawn to ribbons and tags.

you can see more pics on my flickr
i've talked about it before, but i want to start working on some of these to go in my shop, which i hope to have up and running this spring. i'll keep you posted.

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Camille said...

My name is Camille and I saw your blocks and I have got say "CUTE!" I really like that idea. You wanna share more of your ideas at my blog that is specifically for sharing your ideas with others..