local focus :: stepback

for this week's local focus, i'm heading to one of my favourite parts of kitsilano. west broadway [between macdonald + balaclava] is full of unique shops, fantastic florists, and a fair smattering of both one-off + mainstream clothing stores. if you're there, you simply must visit stepback. stocked with vintage and retro goods, stepback is a total throwback to grandma's house. 

images via stepback

reproduction and original furniture, kitchenware, linens, and childrens' games + books are just a few examples of the goodies found here. i love the framed vintage boardgames and selection of retro stamps + stationery. they often have shelves stocked with original jade-ite, and lots of pretty milk glass vases + cake pedestals. it's also where i go to pick up my botanical cleaning supplies
i love stepback, and i sure miss living close-by. time for another visit.


Anonymous said...

looks like such a lovely shop!

[and very much enjoying your blog!]

lesley said...

it is a great shopping spot...and thanks for enjoying my blog ;)