stationery for earth day

to celebrate the earth today, i am highlighting just a few of my favourite eco-friendly paper goods. there are so many gorgeous eco options these days, and it feels nice to be able to indulge in my love of paper without so much enviro-guilt. 

all images via shops as listed below, top to bottom

two people letterpress card from sweetbeets

for more information about eco-friendly paper options, check out this great post by adele of modernemotive, over on paper shop ink. she clears up any questions you may have about fsc, pcf, tcf and all the many enviro-paper terms you're curious about. happy earth day, everyone!

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modernemotive said...

Hey Lesley,

Thank you so much for including my "hello" cards in your post. What a wonderful surprise.

Also, thanks for linking to my article. I'm really looking forward to doing these posts every Tuesday. If there is anything you'd like to see, feel free to let me know.