tuuli trees

i really really like this chair. we need a chair in our bedroom, and as we 
s l o w l y get closer to actually finding the time to paint [gasp! paint?] 
said room, i am starting to look around for ideas. 
we will likely choose a lovely shade of grey for the walls, and our bedding is grey and white. we'll need a hit of colour [to be determined, but probably somewhere in the realm of marigold-yellow-orange] and some art. i think this lovely chair, covered in classic marimekko tuuli fabric, almost qualifies as art. 

image via day-lab diy


cabin + cub said...

i love marimekko.. we have two large wall fabric wall hangings in our bedroom. i have never seen it as a chair... it looks lovely!

jbrownart said...

What a gorgeous chair!

Sheelagh said...

that's pretty darn cool! You find the neatest stuff! :)