cloth blocks in etsy baby gift guide!

i had such a lovely surprise waiting for me when i woke up yesterday, it even made up for the fact that my baby woke me at 6:10 on a sunday morning...smidgebox 'choose your own' cloth blocks were chosen for the etsy baby gift guide! i'm so honoured to have my blocks included with the fantastic items in the guide. there's some pretty sweet stuff there. i have often browsed the gift guides looking for something fabulous, so i look forward to seeing how the added exposure can work for my shop!
i have to say, i'm very pleased with the way these first two-and-a-half weeks have worked out for me since i opened my etsy shop. i really want this business to blossom + thrive, and hope that this is a sign of more to come. i am working on a little shop update as we speak. cuddle blankets + another personalized tote, ripe for the picking.

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m. said...

awesome! congratulations - those gift guide slots are hard to get! off to check it out...