a couple of commissions

i finished up these two commissions over a week ago, but life has been a little crazy around here so i haven't had the chance to post them until now. i really love making custom cloth blocks. i like the process of working with someone, offering them a couple fabric groupings to choose from, and bringing that to life. applique a baby's name or initials to top it off, and they make for a pretty sweet little gift.

lucy's blocks were commissioned by a friend for her sister, who had her third baby just a couple of weeks ago. since lucy has two older brothers, pink was definitely a must in this scheme, and i think the other colours flow pretty well. i was excited to incorporate my latest acquisition, the bird print in pale blue from michelle engel bencsko's dogwood collection. you can catch a tiny glimpse of it in the top picture. whimsical + pretty +  just right. 

another new baby girl will be receiving these cloth blocks in the mail quite soon. given the direction of 'girlish but not pink', i chose a combination of turquoise, green, yellow, and pale aqua. i felt that the yellow added some necessary pop to the more subdued palette, and i am really happy with how they turned out. upon request, her initials, f-h-r-s, were appliqued to the fronts of the blocks. 

i had a lovely phone call earlier this week from lucy's mom, telling me how much she loves her baby girl's blocks. i am so thrilled, it's really nice to hear from someone who's received one of my items as a gift. makes me feel like i'm on the right track, you know? i hope to get to make many more sets of these babies in the future...


CrowNology said...

Wow, those are a perfect idea for those "babies who have everything"!
Just wondering how your goals are moving along?
May is shooting by for me.
Love the blocks,

modernemotive said...

Love them! I especially like that green, splash of turquoise one owls. Too cute!