etsy imagery :: marigolds

i made a quick trip to the garden centre yesterday evening, and the marigolds caught my eye. they are so bright + happy, and they always remind me of my nana. i thought i'd bring that feeling over here with some marigold goodies from etsy.

images from shops as listed below, top to bottom

marigold feather fascinator :: kristin fountain davis
i've got sunshine, hand painted sock yarn :: see jayne knit yarns


katemakes said...

oooh, so purty. lola and i planted marigolds this week but your 'marigold goodies' are the kind you can take every where with you.

La Marquise des anges said...

WONDERFUL selection !! you have such a sure taste!
You know I had the hardest time to find the proper color name for one of my last tee shirts ... I mean in english and then I stumble upon this post ...