paper pops :: some of my old faves

apologies, i'm a little slow getting started this week. i think that one holiday monday + two sick kids + a couple happy surprises threw me for a loop! back to my regular bloggy programming...
last week, i featured five new-to-me vendors from poppytalk handmade's 'paper pops' market. how it is that i managed to remain unaware of them until now, i don't know, but i'm sure glad to have added a few new paper people to my favourites! for today, i'd like to touch upon a few vendors whom i've known of + loved for a long time...
herewith, three of my very own poppytalk paper pops oldies but goodies!

baby girl ballerina, image via sweetbeets

i have loved the designs coming out of sweetbeets' press for some time. i first saw them at one of my favourite local haunts, room6, and it seems that these lovely whimsical designs have been jumping out at me ever since. sweetbeets uses all eco-friendly paper goods, which i love, and is a fellow canadian to boot! keep an eye out for sweetbeets' new line of printable pdf invitations. beautiful designs with a built-in party theme, how great is that? i am happy to say that i have recently 'met' owner/designer lisa online, and she is just as sweet as the name sweetbeets implies.
find sweetbeets'  website, etsy shop, and virtual table at poppytalk handmade.

owl pitcher plant, image via night owl paper goods

unique + adorable, night owl paper goods is a fantastic stop for all your stationery needs. using sustainably harvested wood, 100% recycled paper + cotton cardstock, you can feel good about the earth while still getting gorgeous paper goods! i love the warm vintage feel of the illustrations + text. from postcards to greetings, journals + notes, you'll find nothing but lovelies over at night owl paper goods.
find night owl paper goods on their website, and their virtual table at poppytalk handmade.

great job on that thing you did, image via sycamore street press

another in my long list of letterpress faves, sycamore street press [another green company!] is a collaboration of artists working together with founder eva jorgensen, creating striking + beautiful letterpressed goods. their modern number and alphabet posters have been noticed all over the web, but they're too gorgeous not to mention again. just look at those fresh colour combinations + simple eye-catching illustrations. love.
find sycamore street press on their website, and their virtual table at poppytalk handmade.


sweetbeets said...

I'm blushing!! Thanks for including me and writing such nice things about Sweetbeets!

Eva said...

ooh! thanks for mentioning us!

2 night owls said...

thanks for including Night Owl Paper Goods! you rock!!!