monthly goal meetup :: may

it's the beginning of may, which means time to review my goals from april + publish my new list for may! i got my major goal accomplished [with hours to spare before my 'deadline']. my new etsy shop, smidgebox designs, is now up and running! i'm so happy about this, and i'm looking forward to working on my products, and seeing things grow + evolve over the next little while.
let's revisit last month's goals...

1. design and print my product tags  :: done, but not 100% satisfied, will revisit more options
2. create the rest of my desired start-up inventory for etsy shop
3. redesign and print new business cards  :: redesign done, printing put off until summer [$]
4. make up a press kit for online advertising/announcements. design and print shop announcement postcards.  :: way too involved for me this month, will realistically work on this throughout the whole summer
5. get an hour alone at the post office to research and figure out shipping options + rates
6. open etsy shop by may 1st

so now on to my list for may. i'm going to pare it back a little after last month. i have alot of sewing projects on the go [for home + kids + commissions!] that i need to finish before june. i also want to spend a good deal of time building up inventory before the summer, when i know i won't have as much free time to sew. with that in mind, here are my may goals!

1. work on product packaging for shipping orders. i have several ideas, just need to refine them and end up with a look that represents my shop + branding. [i love packaging, so this should be a fun one!]
2. work on product photography, particularly staging. i want my photos to really show off the product, tell a story, and compel people to look further.
3. go over my product descriptions. i think they're a little wordy, but i also want to be thorough and clear. with customizable products, i need to find a more succinct way to explain the ordering/design process. [any feedback would be greatly appreciated!]
4. continue refining my blog vision, with regards to daily features/subjects. i have started with my tuesday local focus. the rest of the week, i have subjects that i try to stick to, but i'd like to take this a little further with more focus subjects. [anything you'd like to see?]
5. send shop announcement/emails to 3 blogs. get my name out there!

looking ahead, i am excited to see where this month will take me as far as refining + styling my brand. i hope i can make some really good progress on this. wish me luck!


CrowNology said...

Hi Lesley,
Great goals for this month.
I have mine up on my blog too, along with a link to your blog.
Good Luck with your May/summer goals and your Etsy shop.

modernemotive said...

Great goals Leslie.

Here are mine.

Pretty by Pistachio said...

Great goals. Best of luck with your lovely shop.

I have also posted my goals for the month on my blog.


Melanie said...

Way to go, Leslie. And your totes are adorable! You might be seeing my name pop up on a sale soon. Good luck with May!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Good luck! I love packing too, that's going to be a fun one!

Plushroom Soup said...

These are great goals--best of luck to you in May!

P.S. Your soft blocks are adorable.

Laura. said...

yay for goals! i think your shop and your blog are lovely--very coherent and beautiful, full of great vision. i hope may is a productive month for you!

leaderofmen said...

You've accomplished a lot this month! Great job!

(psst - staples.ca has sales from time to time on biz cards - 250/$25)