sewing my days away...

thought i'd share a few things i've worked on in the past couple weeks. i've had a few orders for my 'choose your own' cloth blocks, so i've been stitching + stuffing lots!

these little 'msr' blocks were whisked off to new york city two weeks ago. there was a quick timeline involved, so a speedy order was rushed out the door to arrive at their destination in time. i hope they will keep a wee little girl happy + entertained.

these little pink + brown beauties were made for baby megan last week. i'm pleased her mom requested this colour scheme, as it's not one i've used much of late. it was nice to step out of my normal range of colour choices and come up with this group of fabrics, which was given an enthusiastic thumbs up. this was a fun set to make, and when i sent a sneak peek to megan's mom she was super excited about her blocks. yay!

i also had the chance to whip up a new bag for my shop. i love working with denim for my totes, and thought that this lime-yellow fabric from the arcadia collection complemented the denim nicely, gave it a little pop. meet
greenleaf denim, a small boxy tote.

this week, i've also made two cuddle blankets [one of these and one custom], and have started working on two more sets of blocks, to be shipped out in the next few days. i'll share some pics of them next week when i've settled down some :) for now, have a lovely wednesday!


craftedbylindy said...

Those blocks are beautiful!

Kelly O. said...

Those pink and brown blocks are soooo darling! It must make it so much fun to try out some new colours--like it's a whole new project!

LobotoME said...

Hi Lesley - Thanks for visiting my blog! Adorable blocks! Cheers, jenny ;-)