more cloth blocks!

i thought i'd share pictures of the latest cloth blocks that have made their way out of my little sewing room this month. first, a set of blocks for finn. these were chosen for finn by his cousin, and sent off to him as a surprise baby gift earlier in the month. i sure hope he loves them!

graham's blocks were whisked off to chicago right before i left on vacation last week. it was fun to make these, graham is also my dad's name, and one you don't hear so often for new babes these days. i got a such a sweet note from my customer [g is her friend's baby], she was so excited about the blocks that she emailed me before she had even finished unpacking them, she loved them so much. i love getting notes like that, it really made my day. it feels good to know that your labour of love is appreciated!

i have a number of blocks to make in the coming weeks. a couple of sets are on pause for babies who will be arriving imminently, and i'm getting started on another two sets this week. if you aren't tired to seeing them here, i'll share a few pictures when they're out the door!


Heather Moore said...

You make such lovely things - thanks so much for commenting on Skinny laMinx so I could find your blog.

Jen said...

I love those! In fact I hearted them in Etsy a few days ago. Just looking for an excuse to buy some. :) Jen

lesley said...

oh, thank you both so much! i love making these blocks, never tire of it!

laurabucci said...

They look wonderful, so lovely! Do you ever think that it would be nice to have a show of your stuff, like the blocks, at a cafe just like they do for 2-D work? I've always thought I'd wanted to put a little show together.