going camping

we're heading off again tomorrow for six days of fun + outdoors. we haven't been camping yet this summer, so i'm really looking forward to it. i know we'll make some great family memories + come back feeling full on life. and how about this awesome tent? love it.

do you remember this post? well, i wish i could say i was packing a few cute + flirty frocks for this camping trip. truth is i'll be living in bathing suits, shorts, and tees. but hey, a girl can dream, right?
i will be back next monday, and i hope to be a little more on the ball with my posting than i was last week. i found it pretty hard to get in to the swing of things, especially since i knew i was headed off again so soon. anyhow, i have managed to set up a few more posts to pop up while i'm gone, so please don't stay away too long! have a great week...

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Anonymous said...

six days of fun!...I'm jealous! enjoy.