etsy imagery :: ferris wheel

it's time for summer fairs + ferris wheels. i've always loved going on the ferris wheel, and this year i hope to take my boy on one for the first time. that incredible feeling of looking out so far over the world, like you're flying with the birds. thought i'd share some ferris wheel goodies today, and as always, etsy was a virtual treasure chest of finds.

all images via shops as listed below, top to bottom

ferris wheel :: wood marvels
summer at the faire :: honeytree


Anonymous said...

That cork necklace is a neat idea! I like unconventional jewelry. I just bought a bottle cap pendant (by 2facedtrinkets.etsy.com)at the mini got craft yesterday!

cabin + cub said...

oh yes, sorry i missed you too! so funny being in a room, where i only recognize people from their shop and blog names and not their faces!.. it was a bit hard to read everyone's tags... didn't want to come off as a "chest stare-er". but, i totally agree, what a fab event!

lesley said...

laura - i love that necklace, too...so cool! definitely fun to find unique pieces.
cabin- yes! i was totally chest-staring, trying to be covert, but not always successful :) we'll have to meet next time!