local focus :: tiny warbler

when i first saw these wee animals by tiny warbler a few years back, it was instant love. hand stitched by local vancouver artist kate keeler, each one is a delicate treasure full of whimsy + personality. kate uses wool and cashmere for the bodies of these cuties, accenting them with patterned cottons [many of my favourites!] and perfectly appointed facial features. just look at those beaver teeth! the little beavers aren't in tiny warbler's shop, but were specially made for friends visiting from afar. what a lovely gift!

images via tiny warbler

i have a real soft spot for this little gal, i love her hot pink ears + sweet bashful face. tiny warbler's goods are stocked at several online + brick and mortar shops, including one of my personal faves, room6 here in north van.

you can find tiny warbler on kate's blog here + her etsy shop here.
go have a look!


Laura. said...

these are so incredibly sweet!

craftedbylindy said...

Love those beavers! Soooooo cute!

goldendovedesign said...

I found her blog recently and I love her work. She has great style and uses really nice materials!