sneak peek

hoping to get these listed tomorrow. depends on the weather, hope it behaves for a photo shoot!


modernemotive said...

Oooh, looking good.

I'm itching to get back to sewing again. I think I'm going to pull everything out this weekend and start some some simple zippered pouches. I'm just a beginner and this is all I've done so far. Oh, that and totes.

Did you ever see my sewing stuff on my blog?

lesley said...

i heard that you sew a little! go for it, i think it's perfect for a fall project. love making zippy pouches :)

i'm off to read your archives + see your sewing!

Laura. said...

these look really great! i have such a hard time getting excited about making halloween stuff to sell (it will be all i can do to get christmasy stuff together!), but you sure are doing great!