lovely address file

oh, my. look at what my mailman brought me yesterday! i am beyond excited about this. sharilyn over at lovely design makes the most beautiful address files, and i have wanted one for a very long time. i'm a huge fan of sharilyn's style and aesthetic, and have shown pics of her covetable studio here before. the lovely design blog is a delight, too. every now and again sharilyn holds a giveaway for an address file on her blog, and guess who won this time? i could hardly believe it when she let me know. so so excited.

of course, the wrapping and packaging was impeccable. from the cute mailing label to the handmade recycled paper shred [so pretty!], card enclosure in a glassine envelope + bonus mini tags. i love how sharilyn wraps the file itself. she uses what look like old science textbook pages, taping them together and wrapping it with perfect precision. and the file. oh, the file. stocked with a pretty rainbow of coloured index cards, ready for me to write all my most important addresses. i can't wait to fill it up.
if you're looking for a beautiful address file with handmade vintage appeal, look here. you won't be disappointed.

thanks, sharilyn, it is absolutely gorgeous.

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