the multi tasker

this is a new tote i'm getting ready to add to the shop. i made this particular one for a lovely friend, who asked me to make her a tote to use as a personal carry-all that doubles as a mama-bag, as she just welcomed her first baby.
it's a fairly simple silhouette, with one small and one large slip pocket on the outside. the inside is chock full of fabulous pockets. two are perfectly sized for holding a case of wipes and a few diapers, but can easily be used for a wallet, small notebook, snack, or the like. there is a small pocket for a cell phone, a pen slip, key strap with carabiner, and a medium zip pocket for goodies that must stay hidden. the straps fit comfortably over one shoulder, and are the right length that the bag won't hit the ground if you hold them down in your hand. it's a pretty good sized tote, and i've decided to call it the multi tasker, as i figure it could probably meet a whole range of needs.

what do you think? i'll be whipping up a few more of these in the next while to have at my craft shows this holiday season, and to put in the shop. hope you like it!


Meredith said...

Looks great Lesley , you are so creative and I love the color combination! The only suggestion I would make is to add a snap in the center so she has the option to close it. I can't tell if it has one or not.

Girl~Lee Goodz said...

Very catchy! I really like the sass you added on the exterior making it very fashionable along with so many pockets for functional. Great job!


Sarah Seitz said...

I love it! What did you interface it with? It looks like it is a good thickness. Is that denim?

Sarah @ www.comeandseetheseitz.com

lesley [smidgebox] said...

thanks for your comments everyone!

meredith - i love the colours, too - thanks! i'd thought about a magnetic snap, but i've had really bad luck with demagnetized credit cards, even when they're safely tucked in my wallet! maybe i need to find an alternative?

leigh - thanks! i love all the pockets :)

sarah - thank you - it is a denim, but a mid weight one that's quite smooth. I do interface the bag, just lightweight, so it has some structure without being stiff.