inspiration :: color + collage

one of my favourite things to do with fabrics is to play with the colours. i love mixing them up and pairing unexpected fabrics together. often times i end up with something that creates a little tension, and i like that too. juxtaposition of colours is a fun thing to explore, it can evoke feelings of excitement or melancholy, exuberance and calm.
i've always loved collage art. i think it's really interesting to see how different people choose to pair colours, whether or not they match, in the conventional sense of the word. i thought i'd share a few collages here that i came across on etsy, all of which i find quite beautiful. if you'd like to check out some more collage work, definitely have a look at this series of posts over on scoutie girl.

images via shops as listed below, top to bottom.

the red balloon - print :: mrs eliot books
your dreams are waiting - mixed media :: rosemary pierce-lackey

it's been years since i made a collage, something i used to do a fair bit of. i've got quite a collection of magazine clippings, words + colours + images, ready and waiting. maybe it's time i put them to use again. find that inspiration.