inspiration :: seasons in bc

thought i'd share some of my photos from the past year or so, month by month, to give you a little taste of the natural surroundings that inspire me on a daily basis. i think i live in one of the most scenically beautiful corners of the earth. i love that i can call british columbia my home.

{from top}
february :: dundarave beach [west vancouver]
march :: mackenzie beach [tofino bc]
april :: daffodil [my front garden]
may :: canopy of trees [stanley park]
june :: lynn canyon [north vancouver]
july :: the alders [merville bc]
august :: burrard street bridge [from granville island]
august :: weaver lake [harrison bc]
september :: chesterman beach [tofino bc]
october :: yellow tree, mosquito creek park [north vancouver]
november :: capilano reservoir + the lions [north vancouver]
december :: grouse mountain, peak [north vancouver]
december :: van city + pacific ocean [from grouse mountain]
january :: van city [from north van, near my house]
february :: crocus flowers [my front garden]