on gratitude, community, and letterpress

on friday afternoon, the mailman knocked at my door, handing me a few packages. i order loads of stuff online, so this is nothing out of the ordinary, though much anticipated. after looking through a couple padded envelopes [more fabric, yippee!], i saw a small box, the return address reading simplesong design. hmm. i wracked my brain, wondering if there was any way i could have forgotten ordering something from one of my very favourite letterpress shops. surely, i would remember that, wouldn't i? and so, mystery intact, i opened the box. what i saw just floored me.
truth be told, tears pricked my eyes as a smile spread wide across my face.
this is what i saw inside.

and this is why.

i can't remember exactly how i was first introduced to molly. it must have been several months ago now, on twitter, or perhaps through her delightful blog. i was instantly hooked after reading charlotte's fancy the first time. molly has such a beautiful style of writing. clear + concise, informative yet light, familiar, friendly, and just plain lovely. she shares just the right balance of crafts, art, handmade finds, and her own family. molly has been kind enough to share some of my goodies with her readers, and i truly appreciate that. i love seeing what her newest finds are, and delight in the fabulous art + handmade kids' items she discovers. she has introduced me to many new favourites, and may have caused a couple new obsessions [wink].
molly and i share a passion for stationery, especially letterpress. so imagine my delight when i saw this unexpected and incredible birthday gift. letterpress is my absolute fave. i've featured simplesong's blind impression letterpress notecards on more than one occasion, and now i am the happy owner of my own set of cards. there it is, my name, pressed into the soft, thick cover stock. swoon.

i've often said that the community in this blogging, handmade, indie world blows my mind. supportive + friendly + welcoming, creative and inspiring. cheerleaders everywhere for the indie craft and art movement. so many people willing to help, and who genuinely care.
i am so lucky to have found a place here, as i truly believe that i am meant to be doing this, sharing my thoughts, and making + creating with my hands. all these like-minded people, people who i feel i was meant to cross paths with, even though it's not in person. some closer than others, some across oceans, some across the country, and some just across town. these people are my friends, my colleagues. you all know who you are, and i thank you for your part in my handmade life, in my little corner of this community.

molly, your generosity is overwhelming, and your thoughtfulness has touched my heart. i, like you, have the tendency to hang on to beautiful paper, not wanting to use it all up. i promise to try and use them, but they'll be saved for the most special of notes, on select occasions. and one will make it's way into my paper keepsake box, where it will no doubt stay.
thank you.