our golden city

yesterday morning, we took a short jaunt downtown with the kiddos to see these guys skate at robson square. it was their absolute hands-down favourite moment from the olympics, and they were beside themselves with glee. those 2010 marketers sure did their job well with the mascots, our kids went totally nuts for them. we returned to north van before the throngs of revelers flooded the streets, making sure we got out with both wee ones before getting swallowed up in the crowds. our seabus docked just in time for us to see the city bathed in glorious sunshine, perfect for celebrating olympic hockey gold. i thought i'd share a few pictures i snapped from the pier.

it was an historic day for canada, filled with spirit + pride. golden memories and a buzzing city, alive with the excitement and enthusiasm of a successful olympic games. today i am feeling pretty proud + lucky to be a canadian and a vancouverite. cheesy, i know, but it's just a feeling i have.