books, books, books

i have a friend who dreams of having a large home library, stocked full of books from floor to ceiling. there would be a sliding ladder for her to swing back and forth, to pick out that day's preferred volume. we were chatting about this again the other day, and it got me thinking about modern libraries. then i came across this top photo over on layers and layers, so i thought i'd seek out a few more pics of libraries that i'd like in my own home. not only am i drawn to the bookshelves in these homes, but i am loving the whole vibe, the lightness + openness, and furnishings in each.

gunkelmans interior design home office :: via
diagonal bookcase :: via
mobileffe living room shelving :: via
vitsoe home library in stockholm :: via

is there a special room you're coveting for your ideal home, or a favourite spot in your current home? i'd love to hear about it!