romance week?

i'm not typically a big romantic, but i certainly wouldn't shy away from little romantic gestures here and there. june second marks my third wedding anniversary, so perhaps i'll take a few days this week to highlight some goodies that bring to mind weddings + romance + love.
with that in mind, here is a [rather romantic] treasury i put together on etsy last night, inspired by an aqua june wedding. it's my first time making a treasury, and it was fun. i just might become a little bit addicted. i've shared a screenshot of the treasury below, as well as a few of my favourite items.

aqua i do :: treasury by smidgebox designs

images via shops as listed below, top to bottom.

:: note to hubby. i really really love everything in my treasury. so [ahem] if anyone was wondering about a gift at all, there are a few ideas here. except of course the really wedding-y things. cause we already did that. ::