candy buffet + croquet

i mentioned a while back that i was going to start posting a few more personal things in this space, and this week seems like a good place to move on with that. being my anniversary tomorrow, i thought i'd share some pics from our wedding day.

we got married at vanier park in vancouver, on the only sunny day in june 07. it was gloriously hot, a picture perfect day. we were on the grass, by the water, with a view of the mountains and the city in the background. does it get any better? i think not.

:: that's me, enjoying a game of croquet with d and our little guy before the ceremony ::

our wedding was small, casual, low-key, and tons of fun. we started the afternoon with lawn games, accompanied by a buffet of snacks + candy
[i couldn't get married without candy. yum!] and casual drinks.

i am so glad we planned the day like that, as we really got the chance to hang out and enjoy some fun times with our friends + family before the ceremony. the day went by in such a hurry, i am so thankful to have had that time to relax and really enjoy it.
i'll be back tomorrow to share a few more pics of the wedding. i hope you'll pop in!