birds + birthdays

cheerful blossoms canvas print of original art by lorena siminovich, petit collage

my little gal is turning two in just over a week, and we'll celebrate with a little party in the park, similar to what we did last year. i hate to say it, but i haven't had the chance to really plan a pretty + sweet + coordinated bash for her, and since she's only two, i would imagine she won't really notice. i will pull a few things together before the big day, but i know she'll have a perfectly fun time just running free on the grass.

detail, cheerful blossoms, by lorena siminovich

now, if i was pulling it all together this year, it would most definitely be a bird themed birthday. sweet d is obsessed with birds, in particular crows + seagulls. now i can't imagine a seagull theme for a two-year-old's birthday, can you? but fun, bright, poppy birds? that, i can get on board with. while i was looking around for thoughts + ideas, i came across this kim vallee post, and immediately hopped over to petit collage for inspiration. i love lorena siminovich's work, and it is just perfect for a little girl's party, don't you think? here are some other ideas i would have pulled together, had i been thinking ahead. [kim also featured the little birdie cupcake toppers. so cute!]

images via shops as listed below, clockwise from top left.

instant party :: bunny with a toolbelt {perfect table decor, as i'd be making cupcakes, not cake}
pins - 2 birds :: moloco {fabulous for little favours!}
little birdie cupcake toppers :: the cupcake girls

i always love sending a little edible favour home from a party, and these incredible bird sanctuary cookies would be perfect. i had to share a large picture of these cookies because they are a. may. zing. can you even stand it?

so, would you want to come to my baby girl's fictional bird birthday party? now i'm feeling really guilty about not having much planned. i'll make up for it ten-fold next year, i promise.