an ode to spring blooms.

oh how i love spring blooms. don't you? ranunculus, tulips, magnolias, poppies. i just can't get enough.

ranunculus, number two :: sara norris photography
pretty in pink :: photography by lori h.
oh for spring again :: integrity studio
eclosion de coquelicots 02 :: marc loret photos

but my personal favourite, as you may have guessed, is sharing it's sweet scent behind me as i write. my beloved peony. why must your season be so short? perhaps your elusiveness is what makes you so irresistibly sweet.

:: thanks for the peonies, mom + dad. they are perfect ::

oh. and if there's one other thing i'm taking away from this post, it's that i need to carve out more time for photo practice. hmmm.