green + grey

every home we've lived in has had grey walls in the living space. whether silvery + light or darkest charcoal, or tinted with a green or blue hue, there is always grey. in our current home we've chosen a really neutral mid-tone grey for our main floor, and i love it. it works well with our neutral furnishings and dark wood pieces, and balances the light birch floors really nicely.

not long ago, we painted our master bedroom [finally!] palest grey. as our room faces north, this lighter shade brings in some much-needed brightness, and it just feels totally fresh. i've finally decided on an accent colour, and can't wait to bring it together. crisp, bright, grassy green is making it's way into our room, and i think i may have stumbled onto my new favourite colour combo. grass green + palest grey.

images via sources as listed below, top to bottom.

fern duvet cover, celery :: amenity, available at branch
row houses, fern green :: sugar + fig