hunt + gather

i just wanted to share a smattering of the easter buckets i've made so far this spring. tomorrow [april 1 -- no fooling!] is the last day to place your order to receive yours in time for easter, so if you've been thinking about it, the time is now!

this is the second year i've offered choose your own easter buckets, and i must say, it is really fun to see what my customers choose for the fabrics! i've had the chance to sew in some combos that i wouldn't have thought of, but that i really like the results.
there were definitely some popular picks -- the wide blue + white stripe with the blue zoo fabric lining was the clear fave for boys, and the pink + orange fireworks sold out super fast over on the girls' side.
the two zigzag buckets shown on the bottom left were specially requested to be mini-buckets. i think that's a fun option, maybe i'll offer that next year, it's a nice size for the really wee kiddos.

anyhow, i've still got a few more lined up to sew over the weekend, and then they'll be gone for another year. up next for me, getting prepped for got craft -- it's creeping up soon!