zac freeman

my husband and i stumbled across this incredible art a couple months ago. artist zac freeman has been working on his assemblage series for 12 years now, and i think the level of commitment to his work is simply incredible. built completely with found objects, junk, and garbage, assembled on boards, zac creates these very thoughtful works of art.

looking at the images again today, i am still totally blown away by the incredibly detailed work, and the emotions conveyed in the faces. click on each image in his portfolio, and after seeing the whole piece, click again to see a detailed section. you will be amazed at the bits + pieces of random stuff, carefully chosen, carefully thought out, all placed just so.

i really like what zac says about the junk he uses in this art, how it is "more powerful being present. {...} and carries energy in and of itself." i think you can imagine his process, choosing the pieces that will make up each portrait, incorporating their energy into the feeling of the art. art with purpose, and visually stunning at that.

all images used with permission of artist zac freeman. visit his website here.