a little facelift

so, today i decided to spend a bit of time giving my blog a wee facelift. basically, i liked the style [very simple] and the colours and all that, but i just wanted it wider. so i've chosen a new template and spruced it up a bit, just to tide me over until i finally make a switch to wordpress. this, of course, will require a whole lot more time than i've got at the moment, as i really need to learn how to use wordpress ;)

anyhow, it seems that the little facelift resulted in the removal of all my comments from disqus, which is basically every comment i've had since october 2010. this sucks pretty bad. however, i'm thinking i will keep it as such, since when i migrate to wordpress, i will lose those comments anyhow. might as well start now, so that the notes i get from now on from my lovely friends + readers will at least show up over at the new smidgebox blog...i always love hearing from you, so pop your head in and say hello!

you may also notice some spiffy tabs up along the top there. i'm not sure what took me so long, but there they are! thanks, linda, for your awesome video tutorial. have i mentioned that linda is my internet guru? she also helped me make my facebook page. linda is so generous with her knowledge and willingness to help, she is also a super talented designer, and amazingly kind friend.

{these are some pics i snapped of the kids on friday. otherwise, really not much going on with my camera other than kitchen pics!}


Amber said...

Hello I found your blog while looking for other lower mainland bloggers to possibly connect with! My blog is ambergioiasmith.blogspot.com .

Your jewelry is pretty!

Mama in the City said...

I've had problems with Disqus too..and had it switch comments from Disqus to Blogger for no good reason. Anyways, with a little chit chat with Disqus I was able to get all my comments back and restore everything. Not sure if you've been able to do that yet?

lesley [smidgebox] said...

thanks, amber! i appreciate you poking your head in to say hi :)
the jewelry isn't actually mine, but rather that of other artists whose work i admire. i am a sewer mainly, and have a link to my shop in the sidebar :)

lesley [smidgebox] said...

ooh, thanks for the tip about disqus! much appreciated. i haven't actually had the time to chat with them yet, but will do just that and hope to restore my comments :) thank you!!