out with the old.

warning :: the pictures you are about to see might hurt your eyes.

and here it is. our old kitchen, in all it's glory. it's hard to see, but the cupboards are old, dingy white melamine with that curved oak edge trim. who ever thought that looked good, anyhow? the pulls are semi-circle white plastic, again, really special.
on the left, the wall is painted a lovely shade of brown that i have dubbed 'baby poo brown'. on the right [where my workspace was], a putrid shade of butter yellow. on the ceiling, there was a layer of old, dusty popcorn stucco. the floors were white 80's lino with a mauve and teal geometric pattern. it was all topped off with the crowning jewels, two old ivory track lights. not the nice kind.

this kitchen has slowly been sucking the life out of me since we moved in over 2-1/2 years ago. i am so, so excited to be getting rid of it, i can barely contain myself! we aren't moving any walls, and we'll be keeping our appliances [which are fairly new], but i know the change will be a big one. i cannot wait.

derek did 90% of the removal work, with me occupying the kids, running around to many different hardware stores {multiple times}, and providing help when he needed. it all culminated with the floor removal yesterday afternoon. the end of a really ugly era.

we are now left with a pretty blank slate. the electrician is on his way right now, and the cabinets are being installed monday. the rest will trickle in over the next month or so. countertops have been ordered, backsplash chosen, and light fixtures are on their way! the floors are nearly there. we're having a hard time with that last one, but i think we may have just found the right floor last night!

i'll be back next week with some cabinet sneak peeks, but the final reveal will have to wait until everything is in place. thanks for joining me on this ride!