proud of the boys in blue

image by elsa, via canucks.nhl.com multimedia

i know i very rarely write about anything sports related, but bear with me for a moment. i have been a canucks fan since i was a little kid, and the excitement in our fair city has been palpable this past few weeks, as we watched our team race towards the stanley cup. tonight i was proud of the canucks for playing their hearts out. even though they didn't win, they will forever be my faves. like the sign says, this is what we live for. thanks, boys. you did us proud.

{and please don't think that because of some poorly behaved miscreants that our whole city is full of sore losers. the riots downtown were caused by people looking out for trouble, not by true fans and loyal vancouverites}

i hope to be back to regular blogging next week. it's been a long haul, kitchen is still in progress, and work is still super busy, but i miss it here. thanks for sticking it out!

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