inspired by a scarf

seafoam. can be interpreted as different shades of aquamarine, turquoise, palest green, or a hint of blue. all i know is that i saw july's scarf colour of the month from scarfshop today, and was instantly smitten. i can't wait til it arrives!
this collection of goodies was inspired by that most gorgeous shade of seafoam.

images via shops as listed below, top to bottom.

aqua clutch :: shibang designs
swallow and lace on aqua messenger bag :: track and field designs


Sheelagh said...

So, I really really really like this colour, and all the things that you chose, and I REALLY like the scarf, so would it be terrible if I ordered one too? I would promise to never wear it to a family event without checking with you first!!

lesley [smidgebox] said...

haha! you're hilarious :) of course I don't mind! the scarves at scarfshop are to die for. enjoy!

Pinecone Camp said...

I love this colour. It's so pretty. You put together a perfect seafoam collection! I also just checked out Scarfshop. Now I will be buying scarves too. I don't know if I should be mad at you or thank you. ;)