it's a tough job

life's a beach. at least it is this week! my little man is in sailing camp this week {cutest thing ever} and so we are destined to be here every day. i know, difficult, right? this week, those two chairs will be inhabited by a great friend and myself, as long as there is sunshine + blue sky.

iphone photos by me

had to include a pic of the little sailors in action. in that photo, they are being tethered along, but right from day one they were out, three to a boat, on their own, learning the ropes! these are 4-6 year-old kids. seriously cute, and completely awesome.
directly above was my first view of the bay this morning. those two specks on the deck are the 3-year-old girls, best friends enjoying the sun. shaping up to be a pretty awesome summer.

{now i know it all sounds pretty fantastic, but yesterday there may have been a bit too much sun, as meltdowns and overtired-ness were rampant when we got home. life as a 'fancy-free' mama isn't always sunshine + daisies, right? heheh}

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