kitchen -- still!

why, yes. this will go down as the longest-short-kitchen-renovation ever. here we are nearing the end of august, and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the long, long tunnel. this past weekend, i finally stole a bit of time and painted the powder room and my workspace wall. i am in love with the colour, a cool + calming pale grey. the name makes me laugh, 'heavy goose' by none other than martha, because who else would call a paint colour 'heavy goose'? it looks fabulous next to my gorgeous bamboo work surface. here's a little peek!

the paint colour doesn't show up too well in the photo, but it was getting dark. anyhow, i'm so happy to be making a bit more progress. we finally got our floors put in last month, and i adore them. we chose a dark grey marmoleum plank, and it feels so soft and warm underfoot, it's perfect. the rest of this reno is all up to us, so there's no telling when it may get done, as we are both super busy. so wish us luck as we paint, tile, paint, and tile some more!
hopefully i'll be showing you some final photos in the next month or so, though if i were you, i wouldn't hold my breath ;)


Kim C. said...

Phew...I haven't missed the big reveal yet. I seriously thought I'd missed it in the chaos of my move to the prairies. Love the bamboo work surface!! If I didn't just put together my own fabulous new work space, I would be seriously jealous of your lovely new space!

Sarah (mrsgryphon) said...

You're scaring me, Lesley... we want to do countertops, new backsplash and change the island in our new house's kitchen. Am I "wishful thinking" to have it done by Christmas?! Eek.

Hope you get that big reveal soon :)

lesley [smidgebox] said...

Thanks, ladies! I am loving the kitchen right now, but am lamenting the fact that we're simply to busy to get to the final items at the moment.

Sarah, don't worry, i don't think facelifts would take as long as this. the bulk of our work [the big stuff] was done really quickly, but our own busy-ness and a little bit of procrastination has delayed ours. we decided to do the tiling and painting ourselves, and being so busy, it's been really hard to find the time to finish! you will be fine :) good luck!