a foggy day

i took these photos on a particularly foggy june day in north van. it was fathers' day, and the kids wanted to go on a hike with their dad. luckily the rain held off, but the fog was moody, damp and cool. seemed like an october day, somewhat like today!
i'm wondering how much work i would get done if i had a stretch of solitude, like working in that little hut {above} in the reservoir. perhaps i wouldn't be very productive -- i tend to be quite curious, and would likely spend more time wondering what everyone else was doing rather than getting my work done.

i suppose this post is just to say hello, poke my head in, and say that i haven't forgotten about this space. i miss it. i only managed a small handful of posts last month, and i do believe that's how this fall will go for me. i wish it were different, but truth be told, there is simply too much on my plate, and something's got to give. i'll still pop in and update when i'm inspired and able, and i hope you'll still come and visit, too.
happy autumn! i love foggy days, don't you?


Carol@TheDesignPages said...

That's funny because I was also hiking in North Van with my family on Father's Day. Love those shots. Nice meeting you on Saturday night, ever so briefly:)

Cyn said...

Beautiful images, Lesley.
I love the Halloweeny header too.


Kim C. said...

Even these foggy pics of BC make me miss home. Thanks for popping in to share them Lesley!