IDS West :: favourite booths from local shops

saturday was pretty packed for me this weekend! after morning family activities {soccer and such}, I managed to get to IDS West for a few hours, followed by a short-but-sweet visit to anthropologie for the design*sponge book tour {fun!}. i capped off the night with a really great event at the loden hotel, an ikea canada sponsored party for the canadian design & lifestyle bloggers west. an inspiring but jam-packed saturday!

there were a lot of great things to see at IDS, but i will start off with a few pics from three local retailers' booths that made a real impression on me.

the colour scheme at parliament was bold + fresh. vibrant navy blue mixed with pops of lemon yellow, all set against a pure white backdrop with the odd hit of chrome. it was absolutely fantastic, i loved it.
i'm afraid i didn't get the name of the artist for the piece in the top photo. it's a giclee with glass-coat finish, and the colour and luminescence was amazing. {if you know the artist's name please let me know!}

i loved the layered look at the booth by provide. the colours were subtle but rich -- think navy, eggplant, fuchsia with an awesome array of textures and finishes. the missoni throw + cushion {directly above} were possibly the softest knits i've ever felt. bliss! love that chevron, on the pillow especially. i'm also a huge fan of the felt vessels and bags, simple + industrial + perfect.
if you live in vancouver and haven't been to provide, you must. it's a beautiful shop filled with a well-appointed collection of pottery, textiles, furniture, and housewares. bonus, you can ogle heath ceramics' amazing dishes there, too!

last but not least, orling & wu had a simple but striking booth showcasing some of their amazing wallpaper offerings, as well as textiles and hand-painted dishware. incredible! that metropolis wallpaper {top pic} is just stunning. i can imagine a feature wall in a future house, somewhere. i also love the look of the industrial farmhouse lighting paired with the wallpaper. the subtle colours here were perfect for an autumnal display.

i'll be back later in the week with a peek at some of my favourite artists + designers + displays from the show, some i knew and some that were new to me. please excuse the poorly-lit iphone pics, i didn't have my camera with me, so the phone had to do!


Robyn said...

You did a great job covering the show, I definitely missed a lot. I do remember seeing orling & wu -- that was a really interesting book.

How was the signing at Anthropologie?

Provide said...

Thanks for this post and for your support of Provide – we really appreciate it. IDS West was great show and we were really pleased to be among so many other amazing exhibitors.

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Provide was one of the stores that I didn't know about before the show, but will definitely be making a point of driving out from the burbs to see! ;) Great to meet you at the party! (and thanks so much for your helpful comments on my cards!)

Candied Fabrics said...

I was going to ask about the artist in that top pix - that is just beautiful!

OMFG, just clicked on the provide link...$140 for that box??? Aiyiyi, I know industrial felt is expensive but...

OK, back to the sweat shop!