pouches for preschool

this past summer, i embarked on my second preschool 'end-of-year' gift making. these little zipper pouches will be handed out to my daughter's preschool peers on their last day of school next june, as a little gift from their teachers. when my son was in the same preschool, i was asked to make the gifts, so the boys went home with d-ring belts, the girls with headbands. i wanted to have them finished early, winter + spring are so busy for me, so i did them in little bits over the summer.

forty pouches for the girls,

and forty pouches for the boys.

it was a fun project, though it did take some time. it's a labour of love, for sure. my kids get {and got, in my son's case} so much out of that school, so i agreed to do what i could within their budget. i got to use a bunch of fabrics from my large scrap bin, that were too small to use for much else. i love the way they look all splayed out like a colour wheel. i hope the kids like them!


sheelagh said...

They look stunning - and I'm sure the kids will love them :)

myredbike said...

They look lovely all together like a colour wheel! I'm so impressed that you got them done already!

Ande said...

wonderful idea! great use of those fabric scraps :)

hardydanielle said...

Love the prints!! Great idea :)

katemakes said...

CUTE! So I guess you've mastered the zipper.