sneak peek :: baby organics

well hello! it's certainly been awhile, hasn't it? things are so super busy at my sewing machine, and i'm afraid i've just not had the time to post here. i do miss it. i know i sound like a broken record! my plan is to capture november in pictures. whether it is a photo i've taken myself, or something that catches my eye around the web, i will be sharing here more often, lots of images and fewer words. i do hope you'll visit!

i'd like to share some sneak peeks of my upcoming baby organics line. I've had this in mind for a really long time, and finally have enough fabrics that i'm ready to get started! i will be having an exclusive launch of the first phase of smidgebox organics at the one of a kind show in december. phase two will follow in the spring. i am so excited about this, and i hope you will love it.

these next couple of pics are an assembly line of iphone cozies, ready to be sewn up for the one of a kind show as well. there is loads of production happening in these parts, and still lots to do in the next six weeks. {wow! did i say six weeks? yikes.}

i do hope that my lovely friends in vancouver will stop by the one of a kind show and say hello. it is my first foray into a multi-day big deal show like this. i must admit i'm a little nervous, but mostly i'm so excited about what's in store for my little business. a few friendly faces would be very welcome, so do come and have a peek!

lastly, i have a quick interview up at my friend allisa's blog. allisa is an amazing sewer, and i totally adore her work, so i was honoured when she asked if i'd participate in her 'shops that shine' series. thanks allisa!


barbara@hodge:podge said...

When is the show? I will have to stop by! What a busy bee you are! Wishing you all the best!

lesley [smidgebox] said...

thanks barbara! the show runs from thursday december 8 to sunday december 11. i hope you can stop by, it's a great spot to get all your holiday shopping done!