green :: blue :: yellow

sometimes it seems as though i'm taking two steps forwards and two steps back [and no, i'm not trying to channel paula abdul. blech.] i've been working really well, getting lots done, and then i'll overdo it one night and i find myself struggling for a couple days with fatigue, finding myself too tired to accomplish anything. i need to find some middle ground.

luckily, this stack of fresh fabrics is making me happy. i am sewing a set of soft blocks as a gift for some friends, their baby shower is this saturday. i figured i may as well make a few extra sets for the shop while i'm at it. 

i feel like i am making some progress. i do have several items to stock my shop [which i plan to open may 1st]. they are just ever-so-slightly unfinished, as i haven't printed my sew-in product tags just yet [on my list!]. the tags are nearly done, so i can finally wrap up these projects and get them out of my head. this will help to reduce my mental clutter. phew.

i did finish a couple commissions last week. first, a patchwork cuddle blanket requested as a gift for a new baby. i delivered it today, and it was instantly well-loved. second, a wee chef set that a friend wanted for her son. he turned four last week and loves to help out in the kitchen. it, too, was very happily received.  i am so lucky to have such supportive friends + family who are with me all the way as i venture out with my new business. thankyou!


Sheelagh said...

Cute blanket and chef set - and I love the apple pocket you added to Nayala's hoodie! Thanks! :)

Holly said...

you have such beautiful fabrics!