pin-it-forward :: what home means to me

welcome to my pin-it-forward post! huge thanks to victoria of sfgirlbybay for another genius idea for a blogger mashup, this time teaming up with pinterest to bring us pin-it-forward. if you haven't checked out pinterest yet, you simply must [it is well worth the wait for the invite!]. it is my new fave online pastime, a super fun way to catalogue your finds in a pictorial way, and a great place to find inspiration from others. today, i will share my version of the theme, what home means to me.

what home means to me. while it sounds easy, in theory, it was actually a little tough for me to get started on this pinboard. while i have no problem finding loads of images of homes + interiors + goodies that i simply love, i wasn't sure if all of them really spoke to what home means to me. so i spent some time browsing, and this is what i came up with. now, my home doesn't really look like any of these images [i wish!] rather, it's what i aspire to. i love the look of spare, clean, crisp homes. but with a little life thrown in. for me, that comes in the form of photos, art, books, magazines, flowers, and of course a couple toys here + there. and yes, my fair share of [ahem] stuff.

here are a few of my fave pictures. for photo sources, please visit my pin-it-forward board.

crisp kitchen. we are getting set to reno our kitchen this fall [cannot. wait.]. i love the clean + spare look of this space, but i especially love the highchair, as it's presence speaks volumes to me. yes, you can have a super stylish kitchen that is family friendly! mealtimes are really important in our house, we always eat together. i look forward to having this time even more when the kids are older, to go over our days, hash out problems, and really chat.

family + friends. to me, there is really nothing you need more in life than that. i love a photo wall, and i have pics of my kids, my friends, and my family in a couple galleries in our home.

kids! i have two. there's no getting around having kid stuff in the house, but there's no reason why it can't be done in a stylish + tidy way. i love love love this vignette. and no, my toy shelf does not look this great at the moment, which is why i found this lovely photo, instead!

vancouver. there will never be another place that i will call home. born + raised, and here to stay. i love it, rain + shine, in all it's expensiveness, no matter what i may say to the contrary. there really is nowhere better for me.

thanks for visiting my space here today. if this is your first time, welcome! i do hope you'll come by again. please be sure to visit mitchell & dent, who pinned last friday. i am loving all the tea goodies in their pinboard! and tomorrow, pop on over to the lovely miss match for her pin-it-forward inspiration, too.