wedding day

one of the best parts of our wedding day is that we got to share it with our son. o was only two-and-a-half when we got married, and he was a total doll. except for the fact that he cried [wailed!] for a solid five minutes after the ceremony started. and this boy has quite a set of lungs, let me tell you.
it was sweet, actually, and helped me contain my tears with a good dose of laughter. he wasn't quiet until someone got smart and brought him some cookies.
these are just a couple more wedding pics, two of my very favourites. up top, the three of us are walking back down the aisle [gravel path?] to one of my fav old songs, the turtles 'happy together'. down below, our happy little family, married at last and missing just one member, who arrived a little over a year later.

happy anniversary, derek. here's to many more years of fun, and growing old together in love.